Opposite Box opens for HERE COME THE MUMMIES at the International in Knoxville, TN! Click here for tickets, and let your freak flag FLY!

Phil Thach Photography



MIKE D IS BACK!!! This time, the Madman of the Mallets will feature new music from his latest release, Band of Outsiders, and a new cast of musical freaks – including Claude Coleman, Jr. of WEEN/Eagles of Death Metal on drums!

Local prog-pop puppet master Nick Lutsko, fresh off of a blistering set at Riverbend Music fest, opens the night.


“Back home from one of the wildest adventures of our lives! This has been a peek into the future and lifestyle choice we have all made together, and I don’t regret any of it. We’ve made tons of new friends and fans across the country, and we’re slowly building our future. Thank you to all the people sending us messages along the way telling us you’ve been keeping up with every move, living vicariously. That only fuels this fire and keeps us going.

I suggest everyone before they’re old and grey to gather up friends, family, or lovers and pile in a van and drive as far as you can away from your home. You’ll all hate each other by day 25, but the outcome changes your perception more than any drug ever will.” — Ryan L.


Thank you, BIG WHAT? Music Festival!

We had one of the most amazing weekends of our career as a band and as individuals. Every act put on an amazing set, and we were honored to be a part of the natural, musical high.

Ryan, Lili, Dick, Guza, Dave at the WHY? Stage


GoPro video of “Jaguar” (Live 2015) at Blue Fox Billiards in Winchester, VA!