Opposite Box (left to right):
Chandler Patty, Ryan Guza, Ryan Long, Richard “Dick” Long

Opposite Box is an American experimental rock band from Chattanooga, Tennessee known for seamlessly blending 70s-inspired progressive rock and contemporary jazz-funk with a variety of shifting genres and psychedelic soundscapes. 

Although the band is primarily popular among the US jam band and music festival scene, OB has little in common with the music of contemporary jam band mainstays. 

Influenced by the diverse sounds of artists like Frank Zappa, Parliament Funkadelic, Primus, the Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Colonel Bruce & the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Opposite Box is focused less on improvised jamming and more on unique songwriting, biting and playful lyricism and high energy live performances.

… the band effortlessly melds [styles]. Experimental rock, psychedelic funk and more. I really need to emphasize how natural the transitions seem in the songs. There are vocals; some good ones at that but the music itself felt like it came first most of the time.” – Dan Weston/Divide and Conquer
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“Opposite Box, [who] has always been a controlled explosion on stage, still keeps that improvisational feel while adding funk and jazz to the mix.” – Dave Weinthal/Enigma
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– Mountain Music Fest (2018) – New River Gorge, WV
– The BIG WHAT?! Music & Arts Fest (2015, 2017) – Pittsboro, NC
– Lower Town Music & Arts Fest (2017) – Paducah, KY
– Riverbend Music Festival (2016) – Chattanooga, TN
– Pink Moon Festival (2016) – Rock Camp, WV

– Here Come the Mummies
– Lionize
– BIG Something
– Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
– The Main Squeeze
– Consider the Source
– Mungion

Ryan Long (vocals/keys/trombone)
Richard Long (guitar)
Ryan Guza (drums)
Chandler Patty (bass)





Regional/National Booking
Chris Conrad — CConrad (at) HangarProductions.com

Press Info
Richard Long — oppositeboxband (at) gmail.com



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